Social Reporting, the results from Portugal

In Portugal, APSU implemented Project Result 1 with different target groups to understand the current state of migrant women in the country. To achieve this, they followed the script the partner responsible for the result gave and conducted various activities in different formats. These activities began with contacting migrant women to understand their backgrounds, actions, aspirations, and feelings.

The APSU conducted desk research, delivered questionnaires, organized coaching circles, and conducted individual interviews to access this data. Migrant women from various parts of the world, such as Brazil, China, Venezuela, Ireland, Romania, and Russia, provided their perspectives on the issues addressed in the Final Report. Their input helped the partnership better understand the current situation and identify ways to serve their needs during the WINBIZ project.

The partnership also included other high-value target groups, such as members of companies employing migrant women, organizations working with migrant women, and trainers engaged in teaching activities with this population. These groups also provided invaluable insights into the research.