WINBIZ will:

  • Contribute to the development of migrant women’s competencies in adult education through high-quality learning;
  • Support open education matters and foster the development of methodological, didactic and technical innovations for the promotion of women’s social entrepreneurship;
  • Produce a Social Report, that shall outline the local, national, and European framework of opportunities and barriers that migrant women may face, while considering training conditions and needs for a full social integration and access to the labour market;
  • Design a certified 150-hour-modular course (MOOC) fully dedicated to at least 250 migrant women’s, addressing entrepreneurial knowledge, digital, intercultural and life skills;
  • Share an online toolkit for trainers and tutors, in support of the coaching and mentoring activities with the beneficiaries;
  • Foster creative and systemic methodologies such as U-theory and Design Thinking;
  • Create an online interactive platform that will support the learning program and the networking activities among target group, trainers and stakeholders;
  • Offer a 100-hour-project work tutored experience, that will sustain the development of original entrepreneurial ideas;
  • Organise a participatory transnational training campus that will incubate the best 15 business ideas to be develop into real operational plans, thanks to the support and mentoring of 15 role models, such as female migrant entrepreneurs from project partner countries.

WINBIZ social report

WINBIZ Toolkit