Social Report, the results from Greece

In Greece, Hellenic Open University conducted desk research through which the needs, skills and opportunities of migrant women regarding entrepreneurship were identified and recorded.

Following the research, HOU distributed questionnaires to 19 women from countries such as Congo, Syria, Ukraine, Albania, Iran, Morocco, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan and organized coaching circles in which migrant women, entrepreneurs and NGO representatives participated and exchanged experiences and views.

In addition, an info session was organized in cooperation with NGOs that are active in the field of migration, in order to present the project to migrant and refugee women and inspire them with relevant key findings and case studies, discuss in greater depth the problems and obstacles they face and allow them to express their personal concerns.

The majority of migrant women presented  a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship and aspire to start their own business, an opportunity most of them did not have in their home countries.