Brazilian women in Portugal bet on entrepreneurship to get around low salaries


In 2020, 75% of the entrepreneurship projects of Brazilians supported by the High Commission for Migrations were women

Entrepreneurship has been one of the big bets of the Brazilian community in Portugal, which counts with the increasing presence of liberal professionals and more educated workers. President of the Casa do Brasil in Lisbon, an NGO that helps the Brazilian community in Portugal, Cyntia de Paula says that one of the biggest challenges for immigrants is the professional valorization and the recognition of their qualifications in Portugal.

“We may even have jobs, but it is very recurrent in our lives, as Brazilian migrants, the narrative of jobs in precarious conditions.” According to Cyntia, in many cases, the stereotype of the immigrant who can only work in less qualified positions still persists, although there are more and more migrants with high schooling and extensive professional experience. “There are many different profiles of people within our community, we can’t talk about a single profile of Brazilian immigrant in Portugal,” she says.

This news item discusses several success stories about Brazilian women who have started their own business in Portugal. Find out more at (Article in portuguese):