The WINBIZ Italian group is active


The WINBIZ Italian group officially started to be active: we have about 30 members, who thanks to incredible word of mouth continue to grow, we discussed the course content, hosted by the online platform that will guide students towards personal and professional growth on the topics of entrepreneurship, social innovation and digital skills. The group […]

Academy CES started the piloting of the WINBIZ Training course


On March 18, 2024, Academy CES, started the piloting of the WINBIZ Training course, aimed to test the online platform and empower migrant women in their entrepreneurial efforts. For the start of the piloting, an event was organized, focused on presenting the WINBIZ project platform and the training programme. The event was attended by a […]

Social entrepreneurship offers several benefits and opportunities, but it also has its challenges


Social entrepreneurship offers several benefits and opportunities, but it also has its challenges. Here are 3 of them from each category: Benefits Social entrepreneurship offers an opportunity to create positive social change and have a meaningful impact on individuals, communities, or the environment. Innovation and creativity: Social entrepreneurs develop novel approaches, products, or services to […]

WINBIZ – Entrepreneurship for migrant women in Europe


The WINBIZ project aims to contribute to the integration of migrant women into the European work market. As a way of contributing to this goal while at the same time advocating for the empowerment of these women, one of the project results is an online training course about entrepreneurship. The WINBIZ training course is available […]

Breaking Barriers: Debunking Myths About Female Entrepreneurship


In the dynamic world of business, women entrepreneurs are rewriting the narrative, challenging stereotypes, and proving that success knows no gender. Let’s dive into and debunk three common myths surrounding female entrepreneurship. Myth 1: “Women lack necessary skills for business leadership.” Reality: Contrary to this myth, women bring a unique set of skills to the […]

Gender earnings gap


The gender pay gap in the EU stands at 12.7 % in 2021 and has only changed minimally over the last decade. It means that women earn 13.0 % on average less per hour than men. The gender pay gap measures a broader concept than pay discrimination and comprehends a large number of inequalities women […]

How to empower women


Women entrepreneurs play a critical role in influencing the business environment, bringing ingenuity, perseverance, and a unique perspective to the field. Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of women shattering preconceptions and showing that success knows no gender. Women entrepreneurs’ capacity to bring varied and inclusive ideas to the […]

Mouraria, the most multicultural neighbourhood of Lisbon


In the heart of Lisbon, there is a historical neighbourhood that holds the title of the most multicultural neighbourhood of the Portuguese capital city: Mouraria. 6000 people of over 50 nationalities live in Mouraria. The historical challenges that the inhabitants still face are many, but the people are resilient and in 2008 an association was […]

The Power of Networking


Introduction In the world of self-employment, building a successful business is no easy feat. Beyond the talents and skills that you bring to the table, there’s another key factor that can significantly impact your success – networking! Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur, networking plays a pivotal role in shaping your journey as a […]

Academy CES, new cooperation to successfully delivering the WINBIZ project goals


The Academy CES team actively works on development of the tools for supporting migrant and women with non-western backgrounds to be active participants in social and economic life. For this purpose we have established cooperation with a few national organizations and companies such National Platform for woman’s Entrepreneurship, the National Red Cross organization and the […]