Social Report, the results from Italy

In Italy, EGInA was able to reach out to a large number of target group participants; after an initial phase of research and contact with various actors in the regional and local area, both at institutional and informal level, we created a motivated and very valuable community. For the implementation of PR1, and particularly during the Coaching Cirlcles, we worked with a number of about 25 women. All resident in Italy for a minimum of 5 years and coming from an upper-middle cultural background, the WINBIZ women showed great interest in the project and the perspectives it opens, while engaging with generosity and candor in order to share stories, personal needs and the critical issues emerging from their status.
Both quantitative and qualitative research brought decisive results in defining the WINBIZ framework, in which keywords such as COMMUNITY, RECIPROCAL HELP and DESIRE FOR GROWTH were repeated often and intensively stressed out.
Over the coming weeks, EGInA’s mentors have organized regular online meetings so as to keep the group active and ready for the work the project will propose over the coming months.
The mood is very positive and energetic and we are receiving new requests from newcomers participants, which are spontaneously being included by the women already involved.