WINBIZ – Entrepreneurship for migrant women in Europe


The WINBIZ project aims to contribute to the integration of migrant women into the European work market. As a way of contributing to this goal while at the same time advocating for the empowerment of these women, one of the project results is an online training course about entrepreneurship.

The WINBIZ training course is available on an online platform and is 100% free! The course is available in English, German, Greek, Macedonian and Portuguese, and it will also be available in Italian, Romanian and Ukrainian. In order to attend to the target group’s needs and help them explore the potential of entrepreneurship, the course is organised into 7 modules:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Strategy, Sustainable Development & Business Planning
  3. Technology, Innovation & Social Innovation
  4. Marketing, Social Marketing & Sales
  5. Financial Management & Social Financing
  6. Leadership, Ethical Leadership & Communication
  7. Legal Issues, Funding Opportunities & Support Structures

Project partners are now implementing a pilot in all partner countries with migrant women to test the training. 250 women are expected to do the training first-hand during the pilot.

If you are a migrant woman in Europe and are looking to develop entrepreneurial skills to become a businesswoman, enrol in the WINBIZ training course!

For further information and enrolment, please reach out to us on Facebook or send an email to