Online workshop organised by CES

Within the framework of the WINBIZ project, on February 10, 2023, an informative online workshop was held with mentors, social workers and volunteers who provide support for the integration of people with a migrant background.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Red Cross organization from the RSM, and representatives from the organizations Lesya Ukrainka and Zaednichki dom (Shared home), who were presented with the tools and opportunities offered by open educational resources (OER), provided within the project result two of the WINBIZ project, developed for better integration and education of migrant women.

The event participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the offered open educational resources (OER), and give their opinion regarding their quality and applicability.

The assessment of the OERs, by these participants and other practitioners from the other partner countries in the project (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany and Romania), will be important in the further development of these tools, which are aimed at supporting migrant women.

The WINBIZ project is in the second year of its implementation, and its general objective is to support migrant women for better economic integration by strengthening their entrepreneurial skills.